Handouts & Sample Lessons


Introduction by Jenice L. View

Section 1: Reflections on Teaching about the Movement

Uncovering the Movement: A Staff Development Seminar [Handout 1] [Handout 2] by Alana D. Murray

Section 2: Citizenship and Self-Determination

Women’s Work: The Untold Story of the Civil Rights Movement by Deborah Menkart, Jenice L. View and Alana D. Murray
Montgomery Bus Boycott—Organizing Strategies and Challenges [Handouts] by Alana D. Murray with elementary version by Maggie Nolan Donovan
Voices of Black Liberation by Larry Miller
Freedom Song: Tactics for Transformation [Handouts] by Alana D. Murray
The Black Panther Party: Legacy and Lessons for the Future [Handouts] by Debbie Wei
What We Want, What We Believe [Handouts] by Wayne Au
The Massacre at Tlatelolco, Mexico [Handouts] by Octavio Ruiz, et al.
Vietnam: An Antiwar Comic Book by Julian Bond and T. G. Lewis
Movers and Movements: Fighting for Social Justice in South Africa [Handouts] by Brenda Randolph
The Bloody Wake of Alcatraz: Political Repression of the American Indian Movement During the 1970s by Ward Churchill
Hidden in Plain Sight: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Radical Vision by Craig Gordon
Bring It On!: Stories and Strategies for First Grade by Maggie Nolan Donovan

Section 3: Education

Each School Had a Graveyard: Native American Boarding Schools [Handouts] by Deborah Menkart
New Kent School and the George W. Watkins School: From Freedom of Choice to Integration by Jody Allen, Brian Daugherity, and Sarah Trembanis
Acting for Justice by Linda Christensen
A School Year Like No Other: Eyes on the Prize [Handouts] by Bill Bigelow

Section 4: Economic Justice

Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union: Black and White Unite? [Handouts] by Bill Bigelow and Norman Diamond
El Acto: Studying the Mexican-American Experience through Farmworkers’ Theatre [Handouts] by George W. Chilcoat
Painting a Picture of the Movement: From Aaron Douglas to the Memphis Sanitation Workers [Additional Lessons] by Patty Bode and Stephanie Schmidt
South African Unions Struggle for Justice [Handouts] by Bill Bigelow

Section 5: Culture

Understanding Self-Defense in the Civil Rights Movement Through Visual Arts [Find art here] by Sonia James-Wilson
Black History Month Shall Set You Free by Jimi Izrael
Big Shoes to Fill by Debora Kodish and Teresa Jaynes

Looking Forward

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