Table of Contents


Table of contents for Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching with links to selected readings and handouts.
  by Congressman John Lewis
  by Jenice L. View
The Mountain and the Man Who Was Not God: An Essay on the Life and Ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  by June Jordan
Uprooting Racism and Racists in the United States
  by James Boggs and Grace Lee Boggs
Section 1: Reflections on Teaching about the Movement
The Politics of Children’s Literature: What’s Wrong with the Rosa Parks Myth
  by Herbert Kohl
Advanced Ideas about Democracy
  by Vincent Harding
The Complexities of Encouraging Social Action
  by Bob Peterson
From Snarling Dogs to Bloody Sunday: Teaching Past the Platitudes of the Civil Rights Movement
  by Kate Lyman
Reinventing My Teaching about the Civil Rights Movement
  by Alana D. Murray
Teaching Eyes on the Prize: Teaching Democracy
  by Judy Richardson
Sharing the Story of the Movement: The Project HIP-HOP Experience
  by Nancy Murray
Uncovering the Movement: A Staff Development Seminar [Handout 1] [Handout 2]
  by Alana D. Murray
Section 2: Citizenship and Self-Determination
Women’s Work: The Untold Story of the Civil Rights Movement  [Handout]
  by Deborah Menkart, Jenice L. View and Alana D. Murray
Patriotism Over Democracy: A Critical Analysis of U.S. History Textbooks
  by James W. Loewen
Lynch Law in America
  by Ida B. Wells-Barnett
Nonviolence v. Jim Crow
  by Bayard Rustin
Montgomery Bus Boycott—Organizing Strategies and Challenges [Handouts]
  by Alana D. Murray with elementary version by Maggie Nolan Donovan
The Enactment (poem)
  by Rita Dove
Claudette Colvin Goes to Work (poem)
  by Rita Dove
Freedom’s Children: An Oral History Unit on the Civil Rights Movement
  by Laurel R. Singleton
The Man I Am (poem)
  by Thaddeus Freeman
Democracy and Empowerment: The Nashville Student Sit-Ins of the 1960s
  by Rändi Douglas
Voices of Black Liberation 
  by Larry Miller
The Borning Struggle: An Interview with Bernice Johnson Reagon
  by Dick Cluster
Freedom Song: Tactics for Transformation [Handouts]
  by Alana D. Murray
Mississippi at Atlantic City
  by Charles M. Sherrod
Black Nationalism and Black Pride: The Ballot or the Bullet
  by Malcolm X
The Black Panther Party: Legacy and Lessons for the Future [Handouts]
  by Debbie Wei
What We Want
  by Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael)
What We Want, What We Believe [Handouts]
  by Wayne Au
The Massacre at Tlatelolco, Mexico [Handouts]
  by Octavio Ruiz, et al.
Vietnam: An Antiwar Comic Book
  by Julian Bond and T. G. Lewis
Letter from George Jackson
  by George Jackson
Movers and Movements: Fighting for Social Justice in South Africa [Handouts]   by Brenda Randolph
The Bloody Wake of Alcatraz: Political Repression of the American Indian Movement During the 1970s   by Ward Churchill
That Day at Oglala: June 28, 1975
  by Leonard Peltier
American Exported Black Nationalism
  by Yohuru R. Williams
Remarks at the Second Circuit Judicial Conference
  by Thurgood Marshall
The Color of Elections   by Bob Wing
Contemporary Police Brutality and Misconduct: A Continuation of the Legacy of Racial Violence
  by the Black Radical Congress
Hidden in Plain Sight: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Radical Vision   by Craig Gordon
The Power of Language and Literacy: Student Historians for Social Justice
  by Irene McGinty, Monica Larenas, et al.
Bring It On!: Stories and Strategies for First Grade   by Maggie Nolan Donovan
Section 3: Education
Eager to Learn, Ready to Defend
Each School Had a Graveyard: Native American Boarding Schools [Handouts]
  by Deborah Menkart
A Blueprint for First-Class Citizenship
  by Pauli Murray
Brown v. Board: Parents Take A Stand    
Mexican-American Parents Fight Segregation
Interview of Judge Albert Peña
  by Jesus Trevino
Court Cases in Prelude to Brown, 1849-1949
  From the Brown v. Board Orientation Handbook
New Kent School and the George W. Watkins School: From Freedom of Choice to Integration   by Jody Allen, Brian Daugherity, and Sarah Trembanis
The March on John Philip Sousa: A Social Action Project
  by Elizabeth A. Davis
Desegregation (poem)
  by Eloise Greenfield
Acting for Justice    by Linda Christensen
The Chicago Defender Sends a Man to Little Rock (poem)
  by Gwendolyn Brooks
A School Year Like No Other: Eyes on the Prize [Handouts]
  by Bill Bigelow
The Plaintiff Speaks
  by Clarissa T. Sligh
Literacy and Liberation
  by Septima Clark
Mississippi Freedom Schools: A Project from the Past Suggests a Lesson for the Future
  by David Levine with teaching ideas by Bill Bigelow
Material Things and Soul Things   from the Freedom Schools Curriculum
Freedom to Liberation: Politics and Pedagogy in Movement Schools
  by Dan Perlstein
Be Down with the Brown!
  by Elizabeth Martínez
  by Sonia Sanchez
Bussing in Boston
  by Robert Coles
I Came from a Yellow Seed
  by Nelson Nagai
Soul Make a Path through Shouting   by Cyrus Cassells
Sisters in Arms
  by David Hill
Revisiting the Struggle for Integration
  by Michelle Fine and Bernadette Arnand
Radical Equations: The Algebra Project
  by Robert P. Moses and Charles E. Cobb Jr.
The New Civil Rights Movement: Quality Education By Any Means Necessary
  by BAMN and Eric Foner
A Public Education of Equal High Quality   by Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr.
Section 4: Economic Justice
Work and Wages Timeline
  by Project South
Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union: Black and White Unite? [Handouts]
  by Bill Bigelow and Norman Diamond
A Great Nation of Black Men
  by Marcus Garvey
Cooperative Action in Black Los Angeles, 1903-1930
  by Homer Fleetwood II
Unionism in the Agricultural Fields:    
A Salute to Luisa Moreno    
“Until Victory Comes”: May 1941 Call to Negro America
March for Jobs and Freedom: Calculating the Crowd
César Chávez on How It Began
  by Luis Torres
El Acto: Studying the Mexican-American Experience through Farmworkers’ Theatre [Handouts]
  by George W. Chilcoat
What Happened to the Revolt of the Black Athlete? A Look Back 30 Years Later
  by David Leonard
“Felton X” (Bill Russell)
by Josh Ozersky
Painting a Picture of the Movement: From Aaron Douglas to the Memphis Sanitation Workers [Additional Lessons]
  by Patty Bode and Stephanie Schmidt
South African Unions Struggle for Justice [Handouts]
  by Bill Bigelow
Catfish and Community: People of Color Organize in and around Unions
  by Mary Hollens
¡Si, Se Puede! Yes We Can!
  by Marcy Fink Campos
“Jobs for All”: A Fitting Tribute to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   by Mathew Forstater
Section 5: Culture
I Walk in the History of My People (poem)   by Chrystos
Nicolás Guillén: The Struggle against Two Racisms
  by Carmen Gómez García
Wrighting the Wrongs
  by Sonia Arora
Martin and My Father (poem)
  by David Hernandez
If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus
Black Art and Black Liberation
  by Larry Neal
Soul Power and the People
  by Jenice L. View
Murals: Redefining Culture, Reclaiming Identity
  by Eva Sperling Cockcroft and Holly Barnet-Sanchez
Drinking Tea with Both Hands
  by Nancy Hom
I Have Not Signed a Treaty with the United States Government (poem)
  by Chrystos
Understanding Self-Defense in the Civil Rights Movement Through Visual Arts [Find art here]   by Sonia James-Wilson
Ode to Paul Robeson, No. 1, 1976 (poem)
  by Pablo Neruda
“Solo le Pido a Dios”
Black Youth Black Art Black Face: An Address
  by Ras Baraka
What Happened to Your Generation’s Promise of “Love and Revolution”: A Letter to Angela Davis
  by Eisa Nefertari Ulen
Malcolm Is ’bout More Than Wearing a Cap (poem)
  by Michael Warr
Black History Month Shall Set You Free    by Jimi Izrael
Where Is the Activism of the Hip-Hop Generation?
  by Todd Burroughs
We the Peeps: After Three Decades Chillin’ in the Hood, Hip-Hop Is Finding Its Voice Politically   by Teresa Wiltz
The Hip-Hop Revolution
  by Manning Marable
Freedom Camp: A Teach-In on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  by Katie Kissinger
Stepping into History through Art and Literature
  by Lynda Tredway
Big Shoes to Fill   by Debora Kodish and Teresa Jaynes

Looking Forward

Each Generation Must Discover Its Mission
  by Grace Lee Boggs
A Message to Humanity
  by Leonard Peltier
Poem for July 4, 1994   by Sonia Sanchez

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