Take a Seat — Make a Stand


9780595417612Take a Seat — Make a Stand: A Hero in the Family: The Story of Sarah Key Evans, a Civil Rights Hero Who Would Not Be Moved is a chapter book for grades 5+ about the life of Sarah Keys Evans.

In 1952, Evans said “no” when asked to make room for a white Marine on a bus. This was three years before the infamous action by Rosa Parks.

Evans’ story is written by Amy Nathan through the voice of Evan’s niece, Krystal. Krystal is assigned to write a paper on a hero or heroine, and discovers her quiet aunt’s story when trying to choose someone to write the paper about. Krystal finds out that her aunt committed an act of extreme bravery, and three years later, someone else did the same thing and achieved international fame and commendation.

Credit: By Amy Nathan and Sarah K. Evans. Published by iUniverse, 2006.