Harvey Richards Media Archive


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1963, Mississippi Voter Registration Activists (L to R) Bob Moses, Julian Bond, Curtis Hays, unknown activist, Hollis Watkins, Amzie Moore, and E.W. Steptoe

Harvey Richards (1912 –2001) was a movement photographer who contributed his skills to the civil rights, peace, ecology and labor movements of the 1950s and 60. His son Paul Richards is digitizing the photos and videos to make them available to teachers and students at the Harvey Richards Media Archive. The archive features hundreds of Richards photos from the Civil Rights Movement. The images are arranged in four albums:

Segregated Society: Mississippi, 1959-1964

Bay Area Civil Rights 1960s Images

Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Activists

Mississippi 1959 Image Gallery

Teachers can request a few copy of Critical Focus, a collection of Richards’ movement photos.