Freedom’s Unfinished Revolution


51lf9J1fNbL._SX392_BO1,204,203,200_Freedom’s Unfinished Revolution: An Inquiry Into the Civil War and Reconstruction is an innovative attempt to describe this pivotal period in U.S. history for high-school students. It examines the ways that “ordinary” people — men and women, white and Black, Northern and Southern — experienced and shaped the major events of the era. It highlights the vital role of African Americans, whose achievements in this period are often overlooked, though they stood at the center of the national debate.

Filled with primary historical documents, including letters, speeches, and excerpts from novels and newspapers, Freedom’s Unfinished Revolution offers students a firsthand look at the war and its aftermath: the struggle to rebuild the South and construct a new society. Photographs, engravings, art, and political cartoons are included, as well as pre-reading and discussion questions, critical thinking exercises, timelines, and a glossary.

Credit: By American Social History Project with foreword by Eric Foner. Published by the American Social History Project and The New Press, 1996