How to Conduct an Oral History


Here are books and online resources on how to conduct oral history interviews.

  Title Description
Oral History Projects in Your Classroom Guide by Linda Wood (Oral History Association) for classroom teachers. Includes sample forms, handouts, numerous examples, curriculum suggestions and discussion questions, taken directly from real-life classroom oral history projects around the country.
  Three Ps of Interviewing Tips for conducting a semi-structured oral history interview, including when to stray from prepared questions and when (and how) to get back on track from USM.
  Oral History How To Part 1 and Oral History How To Part 2 Teachers’ materials from 2002 conference on incorporating oral history in K-12 curricula. Includes Oral History Teaching Guide; information on National History Day competition; and, sample curricula on “The Land and the People,” and a teaching guide on the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. From USM.
  E-How Ten simple steps to conducting a successful oral history interview.