First Local Mississippi History Award Winners


On Feb. 23 2013, the first Local Mississippi History Awards were given at the Mississippi History Day competition at USM-Hattiesburg.

The goal of the award is to deepen student appreciation of and exploration of the untold stories and role of “everyday people” in local Mississippi history, using the National History Day competition as an incentive and a focus for student projects.

Thanks to a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to Teaching for Change, winning entries received $100 for the teacher and $100 for the student or student team.

The award winners for 2013 are
  • The Murder of Vernon Dahmer by Janae Hudson from Colmer Middle School in the Pascagoula School District (Junior Individual Performance)
  • Neshoba County Slayings: Turning Point in Civil Rights Prosecution by Laura King from Hancock High School in the Hancock School District in Kiln, Miss. (Senior Individual Exhibit)
  • The Life of Isaiah Montgomery by Courtney Coney, Diamond Isaac, Jasmine Danpier, Noah Martin from McComb High School in the McComb School District (Senior Group Performance)
  • Voting Rights Struggle in McComb by Dominque Taylor, Zaccheus McEwen, Raykesha Carter, Shaderrica Morris  from McComb Legacies in the McComb School District (Senior Documentary Film)
  • Robert Johnson by Tyler McCalip, LeRoy Taylor, Hal Duplantiss, and Terry Beechem from McComb High School in the McComb School District (Senior Group Performance)
  • Mississippi Burning . . . The Turning of Mississippi by Antaji Boggan, K.J. Peebles, Kaleb Moore, Myeshia Jones, and Shaniya Finley from the Neshoba Youth Coalition (Senior Group Performance)

The judges for 2013 award were Christopher “Kit” Gallant from the Southern Poverty Law Center office in Jackson, Miss., Gulfport High School teacher Reynolds Bodenhamer, Labor and Civil Rights Movement History Curriculum Initiative Community Liaison Jackie Byrd Martin, and Teaching for Change Executive Director Deborah Menkart. Thanks to Bill McClendon and Lisa Serrano for the photos.