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Voting Rights Act History Quiz



Lines of people standing outside buildings in Lowndes County, Alabama, on election day, Nov. 1966. By Jim Peppler Southern Courier. ADAH.

We’ve all seen the iconic image of President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But what do we know of the history that led to the signing of the legislation?

When did the struggle for voting rights begin? Have voting rights always been restricted throughout U.S. history? Who is responsible for the Voting Rights Act getting passed?

Through this quiz, and the answers that appear after each response, you can learn some of the history of the struggle for voting rights that is all too often omitted from the textbooks. Teaching for Change designed this quiz to challenge assumptions, deepen understanding, and inspire further learning about the voting rights struggle.

The quiz, used as a whole or one question at a time, can serve as a springboard for discussions and research. Please take the quiz, share it, and send us your feedback.

Each answer has links to books, articles, and/or websites. Learn more from The Voting Rights Act: Ten Things You Should Know by Emilye Crosby and Judy Richardson. Our publication, Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teachingprovides readings and lessons on many of the issues addressed in the quiz and more.

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