Freedom on the Border


9780813126067In Freedom on the Border: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky, Catherine Fosl and Tracy E. K’Meyer gather the voices of more than one hundred civil rights activists who were active across Kentucky, many of whom have never before spoken publicly about their experiences. Each activist explains what the Civil Rights Movement looked like in their part of the state. Their stories vividly describe pivotal moments such as the 1964 March on Frankfort, led by Martin Luther King Jr., while unearthing less familiar episodes that challenge official narratives of the movement. [Publisher’s description]

The Kentucky Civil Rights History, 1960-64: Two Scenes to Play simulation lesson by Randolph Hollingsworth gives students the opportunity to assume roles of individuals involved with two historical events in Kentucky: the 1960 public accommodations mass protests in Louisville and the March on Frankfort 1964.

Credit: By Catherine Fosl, Tracy E. K’Meyer, Terry Birdwhistell (prefaced by). Published by University Press of Kentucky, 2010.